[flickr]http://www.flickr.com/photos/mario_groleau/2919106407/[/flickr]Having fallen off the "Discipline Wagon" last week - this morning I climbed back on it; it feels good to get to 6:15 in the morning and already have an hour's practice under your belt.

This week is all about finger chops and mixing.  I cut both the piano and string parts for "Jeneric" on Friday morning - I need to add an organ part and possibly mix up the beat tracks a little but 'm pretty pleased with how it's turning out.  I have a tendency to spend too much creating new stuff and not enough on actually editing and mixing - so - this week it's all about the mix - I am promising myself that I am going to stay focused and get this piece finished by the end of this week.  Once that's done the newsletter can go out - Teaser post coming tomorrow.

Posted via email from Andrew McCluskey Photo Credit:  Mario Groleau (Président Club de photo Mauricien) / Flickr