There is a brand new session now available on the music2work2 web site. Late791 is a piece consisting of only the piano and has a somewhat different feel to me than some of the other sessions. It is a slow, melodic piece that has a rather somber tone.

The imagery for me from this session is of a rainstorm. In the beginning I see the sky grow darker. At 4-5 minutes into the piece, the raindrops begin - the clear notes of the piano representing the rain as it falls. As it waters the earth, the clouds begin to break but the rain continues to softly fall. It brings needed sustenance and it leaves all of nature refreshed and clean. It gives me the sense of a renewal or revitalizing – leaving existence better than when it began.

Check out this new piece. As background music, it is good while doing work at the computer, cleaning the house, any kind of work. But, also try listening closely to the session, focusing on the melody, the clearness of the piano, and see what image it evokes for you.