Having barely survived last week, I have implemented the changes that Charlotte and I agreed upon when I was in North Carolina. I relaid my studio to make better use of the space and to encourage me to play more - which is a ridiculous thing to struggle with as a musician - and it seems to have worked. I found this theme when riffing off the Marseillaise on Charlotte's old Kimball and I think it has potential.

The tempo is horribly slow and will probably be closer to 114 than the current 101 but then - who knows where it will end up

This is off the Grand Piano sample through Reason and I'm gonna sit and listen for the string melody. Sure the right hand figure is a little repetitive (i.e. it doesn't change at all for 3 minutes!) but the piece does have that calming fade to the background effect that I like in music2work2.

More coming soon...