So, after more than 2 years working full time on the Kelli project - I'm looking for a new challenge. Spent the back end of last week looking at me, my life, what I have done, my skills, experiences etc and found it to be a very illuminating experience and one that actually made me feel pretty good. Of course - my resume doesn't look terribly "normal" - I don't know many other people who dropped a corporate career at the age of 30 to join a rock band in Los Angeles - but hey - I've been exposed to so much that I would never have experienced - I wouldn't change a thing.

I have managed to distill myself down into three key areas: Music, People and Technology -  I'm going to build my resume and job search around these constructs.  I will be using this blog as a tool to help me with the process - I reckon that the more open I am - the easier it is for a future employer to see whether I am a good fit.  Here are the plans for this week:

1/ Finish Resume - target end of play Monday

2/ Finish - target Tuesday

3/ New Front Page for - target Thursday

4/ Update layout of music2work2 Blog - target Friday

5/ Finish editing new piece of music: Frustration - target Friday

6/ Add CD/Album pages to music2work2 plus direct purchase links to iTunes etc - target Friday

7/ Research and possibly apply to - target Tuesday

So - let's see how far I get - oh - and music2work2 does work - I was listening to frustration while writing this and it did block everything else out - ;-)