So - I almost hit yesterday's target of having my resume finished.  It is close and I reckon I'll have it by mid-morning.  I am going to apply to Fanscape for their Social Media Marketing Manager position- it looks right up my alley - we'll see - at this point it all comes down to fit. I still need to get through the list - I was working on a background image for the other day - still working on getting a groovy looking texture that conveys the idea of music but yet enables clean delivery of text - not there yet but here's where I'm at: Background Concepts for

Musically I took another crack at Frustration today - this time at 173 bpm - pace wise it is subjectively a little slower than the 61 bpm and 199 bpm that I was playing with earlier in the week - I like this string pass too - I'm still working on the middle section and this one comes out a little short - but I'm liking the direction.


No post tomorrow morning as I'm off to write with Kelli - but back on it Thursday.