I have spent four days on the phone or online chat support trying to get Earthlink’s TrueVoice service set up. Every single part of this process that could have been screwed up, was. I found that most of the people who work at technical support, either do not have enough training or they just plain don’t know what they are doing.

After spending 21 hours and counting either on the phone, mostly on hold, or waiting for a response from someone on the chat support, I have discovered a new use of music2work2 pieces. They are also “music to help maintain your sanity.”

I was so angry I could have chewed gravel today - - instead of making things better, one of these “technical people” not only could not get my phone working, but made it impossible for me to have Internet access. I knew that I was either going to do something drastic or my blood pressure was going to shoot right through my head. So I put on the sessions from music2work2.com and was able to calm down and maintain what sanity I had left. As the calming, soothing music played, I felt myself start to relax. The music is so beautiful, it is hard to stay so upset while listening to it.

Earthlink needs to play music2work2 while they leave their customers on hold. If they are going to be so incompetent, maybe at least the customers won’t have coronaries or nervous breakdowns while they wait!