The theme of music2work2's 1218 that stands out for me is change - the change from piano to piano and strings, the change in tempo, the change in melody.There seem to be different moods, and different actions taking place within the piece.

The tempo varies - slow, fast, slow, and even the voices or instruments carry different tempos simultaneously. The mood changes from soft and mellow to one of excitement or heightened feelings/activity, then back to mellow again.  I envision more than just change in this session - the willingness to risk and explore change even further.  The piano seems to take on an energy that allows it to push ahead, to take the lead and and try new and more complicated things.

Having spent the past week dealing with technical support people in trying to get new phone and Internet service set up, this piece is particularly representative of the changes, the varied feelings and emotions I have gone through.There is a lot going on in this piece, and there has been a lot going on with my thoughts and feelings through my ordeal – from extreme anger to resigned acceptance of spending hours trying to finally reach someone who could solve the problem.

This piece makes me think about a person who is willing to experience life with all its changes and forge ahead, following new paths and trying new things.The changes and experiences may not all be easy, but they do not discourage the individual from continuing to experience life and grow.

1218 is a pleasing, up-lifting and encouraging piece. It is one of my favorites.

1218 is part of The Thinkers Playlist.