So I'm working through a million different string patches to find the right one - and guess what - it's taking long!  I'm now tracking in both analog and MIDI, which bodes well for the future but sucks right now as I go through the learning curve.  I had hoped to have the Aerial hoop routine finished today but each different patch changes how I hear the part and ...blah blah blah.... nothing like a whiny musician huh!

I'm also working on two other pieces at the moment - I received the finished version of Last Chance a few days ago and will be cueing that up as soon as I have the Aerial hoop piece in the bag.  Along side Last Chance I have also started on a more traditional piece of music2work2 to celebrate my sister in law Jennifer's recent engagement to Eric.  Using a bit of number madness I found that Jennifer was the 84th most popular name for girls and Eric was the 86th most popular name for boys - who knew?  So - I'm doing a piece at 170 bpm and calling it "Jeneric!"

On top of all that I'm putting the finishing touches to the first music2work2 newsletter and am deep inside html templates - oh the joy. 

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It's been a very scratchy week and I hope it gets better soon!

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