I am often struck by the indomitable nature of the human spirit - it generally strikes me when I am incapacitated by circumstance, often depression or grief. The images of people who have nothing realistic to gain by moving, but who do so just because it is better than staying still and dying in defeat, never cease to inspire me.

Even when we don't know if what we are doing is right, even when we doubt what it is that we do - not to do it would surely be more of a crime than doing it and getting it wrong. We are not Doctors, Scientists, responsible for the lives of others by our actions. We are creators, not of life, but of essence that facilitates and enhances life - our creations cannot harm and even imperfect, may do some good.

music2work2 has humongous plans for 2007:

1/ brand new look to the site - much more graphic driven, warm and inviting

2/ new music, better string sounds and tones

3/ new collaborations with different artists - particularly percussionists

4/ new newsletter to keep members up to date

5/ Pod casting

If we achieve these 5 actions before the end of quarter 1 this year - then we will be delighted - and hopefully so will those who have already signed up.

It is wonderful to see that we are getting a new sign up every 2 days - our one year anniversary is coming up and we intend to celebrate it with a major leap forward.