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One of the newer sessions on music2work2.com is Annelise.This is an interesting musical piece in that it seems to me to have three distinct parts. The first is slow and rhythmic, the strings and piano combine in a calm and harmonious way.About one third of the way through the session, the rhythm becomes faster and the feel is more one of expectancy or urgency. There are changes in tone, and rhythm – it has a jazzy beat. The third part returns to the slower rhythm and tone, at first still not as calm and peaceful as the beginning, but then ends in a slow, softness.

An image that comes to mind when I listen to this session is the development of the human being, the recognition of self and an acceptance of and satisfaction with who we are. Ones early life, childhood, is most often a time of harmony, joy and wonder – innocently being whoever we are.Growing into adulthood brings questions of purpose and identity, a hunger to experience all that life has to offer, an urgency to find answers to the meaning of our existence.As adults and later in life, hopefully there is a realization of who we truly are, and an acceptance and joy in living the life we were intended to live.The calm, slow ending of Annelise signifies to me that such a realization is possible.

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