So I'm working through the piece and it's beginning to come together - the main theme and first variation are dialed in and I'm beginning to flesh out the second theme. As is my practice I'll fire up the metronome and start playing the themes at different Bpms to see what comes out and this little blues clip appeared on Sunday. The left hand is a super simple walk down but it's the right hand that caught my ear.

[audio:coyote-blues.mp3| titles= Coyote - Blues Development|artists=music2work2 ]

The track's in B minor & I realized that I don't think I've ever played the blues in this key before - which is kind of odd really. Although technically playing the same relative notes - different keys sound completely different to one another - the positioning of the different black and white keys and how they relate to each other change depending on what key you're in - think I might play in B minor a little longer!

The second theme variation comes in at the end - I'll post later on this week the development of the primary theme.

Image Credit: Coyote tlindebaum Flickr CC