While browsing Last.fm recently, I came across the music of Brett Juilly. His music is also instrumental and piano driven. I listened to all 18 tracks on his album Piano and can say that I enjoyed them all. There were a couple of tracks that I particularly like, The Dance, being one.

The Dance is an interesting song in that it almost sounds like two different pieces. It starts of with a light, lilting melody with quite a fast tempo and then about a minute in, the entire sound and feel of the piece changes. It slows down and becomes much fuller with a mellower tone. The piece ends with a few of the higher pitched, lilting notes like the beginning, tying the two parts together, it sticks with you and leaves you wanting to hear more.

Brett states that his music is visual; when listening to this song, the image evoked for me by the first part is that of a ballet dancer; there is a happy feeling. When the song changes, so does the image and feeling. I get a feeling of disappointment; perhaps the ballet dancer is no longer able to dance. The mood is not one of sadness but of acceptance and hope.

One of the things about last.fm is that you can only listen to a track three times - before the paywall comes down - and I so wanted to get into this track - that I ended up buying it - I guess that's the new music economy!

Last.fm lists Juilly as an artist similar to music2work2. The beautiful instrumental melodies with their soothing, relaxing quality are an asset found in some of the music of both.