Piano, Strings and an 808 heart beat


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I hope everybody had a great holiday – I certainly did.  I suspect I’m like many of you in that I use Christmas and New Year as a release valve after the pressure of the year.  Two weeks of relaxing, hanging out with family and friends and drinking and eating far too much – I love it!

2009 was a particularly challenging year and yet looking back – music2work2 made giant strides forward.  We completely re-designed the website, changed the logo, moved to a new recording platform and a new keyboard, distributed to iTunes and Amazon MP3 stores, wrote the score to a unique animated movie and sent out our first newsletter.  Not bad on reflection.

I cannot tell you how excited I am about this New Year – I’m going back to school next week to learn how to use the Topspin marketing platform – this will make it much easier for people to listen to and easily share music2work2.  I haven’t taken a class in 20 years – should be fun

This track was inspired by a chance encounter with a Techno gear head masquerading as a University professor – it was a great evening which resulted in us working up a piece built around a Roland 808 and an old Juno 60 – you can listen to the audioboo clip here.  Craig’s working on it for now and when he’s done I’ll add a piano track – I think it might be kinda cool.

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