Word of Mouth Marketing Association (Womma) is preparing for its Word of Mouth Summit to be held in Washington, DC next week. One of the papers that will be presented at the Word of Mouth Marketing Research Symposium on December 11, 2006, is Podcasts: Driving Word of Mouth.

According to this paper, to be presented by Dave Evans, VP of Social Media for Digital Voodoo and founder of HearThis.com, prior to a previous conference, WOMMAs Word of Mouth Basic Training (WOMBAT) Conference, traffic to the site increased from the time of the first podcast release up to the beginning of the conference.

My partner in music2work2 and I were discussing new plans for the website and marketing today. One of the many items in the plans are podcasts. It is reassuring to hear that others have found podcasts to be such an important part of marketing for their businesses. I am really anxious for us to be able to start making some of the changes, adding new music and new features. It's going to be terrific!