I suppose it shouldn’t be surprising to me to read in Digital Music News that Crayola is broadening out into electronics; most others companies are doing the same thing. But, it is a little harder for me to think about Crayola, the company whose crayons every child has grown up with over the past 100 years, now offering a line of electronics including a portable boom box, digital music player, portable AM/FM radio and a clock radio.

GPX has designed the products for Crayola, which are supposed to be “kid-friendly,” able to withstand the rough treatment of children, and range in price from $9.99 to $39.99. Known for products that encourage creativity and self-expression in children and adults, Crayola has carried this feature over to the boom box which features a dry-erase board and dual headphone jacks so you can share your music with a friend.

I guess it really makes a lot of sense that music would now be a part of the resources for artistic expression on which the company’s reputation has been built. It is probably just my age telling on me that, to me, “Crayola” means brightly colored crayons and markers and not consumer electronics.