Piano & Strings from Saturday night - 61 beats per minute, 8/4 time and the occasional clam. [audio:32010keystrings2.mp3| titles= 03-20-10 Development|artists=music2work2] Download

The first half of this piece is all driven around F9 - one of my all time favorite ever chords. I wanted to see where it would go - there's another string track probably - we'll see. If anyone would like to download and add another track (beats, guitar) please - be my guest - all work on music2work2 is distributed with a creative commons license - if you need a version with a click track let me know.

The first half of the track hangs around the F9 shape for a while before ripping off "The House of the Rising Sun" - the second half has a slightly bluesier feel and is in C minor - I think!

Getting very excited again. Having spent the last 2 months focusing on technical learning and implementation it feels good to be back with a music head on.