I recently commented on a post on the music think tank blog about whether fans want anything from musicians other than their music.  My view is that if your music is good enough, then fans will tell you if they want anything else - if your music isn't good enough, if your performance isn't compelling, if you don't move the listener - then no matter how interesting your life is or how awesome your merchandise - nobody cares. What I am seeing in the destruction of music's economic model over the last decade is, funnily enough, more music.  Music no longer has to fit the system - music can be what it is, and if it is compelling, it will get out.  If you love music then I cannot recommend this movie highly enough - I admit to bawling my eyes out - but by the end I couldn't stop grinning and thinking that everything was going to be alright.  Check out the Young at Heart page at Mahalo for more information and take a couple of minutes to watch the trailer below.