Sometimes it is hard to know much about an artist just from their MySpace page. Samples of their music are available to hear, but unless you are already familiar with the musician, if the information is not included on the MySpace page, you don't know whether they are doing the performing, the composing, or exactly what. This is the case with one of the friends of music2work2, Yoshiki. The pieces of music are very beautiful; piano driven, very melodic. My favorite is "Without You Piano ver." "Tears" is also a very lovely piece; it has lyrics in English and Japanese, I believe, and is available on the MySpace page in an unreleased version, as well as a recording done live at the Tokyo Dome.

In an attempt to find out more about the person responsible for this beautiful music, I read the blogs by Yoshiki. Apparently Yoshiki has lived in Japan and Los Angeles, is a composer/pianist, and has several movie scores and songs used in movies to his credit. The most interesting fact I found out is that Yoshiki is doing research into the relationship between music and the human brain. Of course, since Music 2 Work 2 is based on the premise that music is good for you, and beneficial to human beings in many ways, I was intrigued by this.

Yoshiki is a musician I would be interested in learning more about and whose music I would also like to hear more of.