This week has been devoted to working on getting ready for some of the changes we are about to make to the music2work2 website. I have been making two and a half minute and five minute clips of all the sessions in the music2work2 catalogue. What a fantastic job, huh? It means listening to each piece of music over and over (while deciding where to make the cuts)- - - can it get much better than this? Boy, do we have some great music! I have always been aware of how beautiful the music really is. But, listening to hours of it, one after the other, I can safely say that it is really outstanding. It is beautiful music that can be listened to anytime, anywhere. Since I don't compose or perform the music, I can brag on it where my partner may be reluctant to give himself and his music such praise. But, we have a great catalogue of absolutely gorgeous music, so watch the website for the changes and new ways of accessing it.