Wendi’s Theme on music2work,2.com was written for the composer’s wife. Maybe the fact that I know that influences the way I hear this piece, but to me, it definitely sounds like a love song.

Hints of the original version can be identified in the newer one, but the tempo of the newer session adds a more romantic quality to it, I think.

Listening carefully to the newer version, the session evokes thoughts of the many facets of a relationship. The changing tones, the changing rhythms seem to signify the many aspects of the human personality, the relating of the personalities of two people. The range of tones of the piano - highs and lows - also seems to indicate the highs and lows that are a part of any relationship. However, as in a loving, committed relationship where differences compliment and help each individual to grow and be their best selves, all the variations of tempo and tones work beautifully together to form what I find to be a lovely, romantic piece of music.