Music's freaking awesome. I met a lady on a train - we were both delayed and inconvenienced so we talked about music. We swapped likes and I referenced Weezer's hit "Beverley Hills" - to which she demurred as not really representative, I was intrigued.

I had got the irony of the video when it came out, although I hadn't really listened to their music prior to that- I had it in the same category as Eels - cool hipster music (listen to Beautiful Freak)- and I dug them 'cos I like cool hipster music - that and the name Rivers Cuomo stuck in my head.

I'd made a mental note to check them out - and then life got busy - until RockBand appeared in the house. Rock Band Video Game

If you're a music fan - which I'm guessing is likely if you're reading this - try it - just try it, I think it's brilliant fun. We had Kelli on the guitar this afternoon and me on vocals as we attacked Nirvana's Bloom -

..and then you play "Say It Ain't So" - and they have a crowd track. Yeah it's true - when things are going well - the bloody crowd starts singing - and you just gotta wonder what a Weezer gig feels like? The killer for me of course is that I now have my 10 and 11 year old step children accusing me of wanting to drown them.

I have subsequently purchased the track - and I'm going to listen to their new album - and their old stuff too - I'm pretty stoked about that and looking forward to it.

So, Lady on the train - thank you - I hope you're well and I hope that you dig Weezer's new material - that would be very cool indeed. I love this video: [display_podcast]