Picking music to listen to while working is like picking your nose, you aren't proud of how long it takes you but you're satisfied when you finally find the one. That being said, it can be hard to navigate around the endless supply of music circulating around the web at any given time. That's why I am here to shed some light, err music, on your workflow. 

As a writer, it's hard for me to listen to songs that have lyrics. I get easily distracted and find myself getting caught up in the storyline of the song instead of doing more important things (like making that cheddar.) To keep focused, I tend to listen to songs that are beat heavy, dance worthy, and sans lyrics (*extra bonus if said-song has cowbell.) "I gotta have more cowbell, baby!"

Here is a song by Factory Floor, a London-based band that Wikipedia describes as "post industrial, using live drums, synthesizers, and noise." Pitchfork calls them a trio that "embraces industrial, post-punk, disco, acid, avant-garde minimalism, electro, dub and--most crucially--the dance floor, without being beholden to any one genre." I simply call them, "a helluva good time." Want to listen to music that doesn't make you feel like you are working at all? Want to listen to music that makes you feel like a hyperactive kid that just received his daily dose of adderall? Want to listen to music that makes you type and think faster? Here you go...

-Nicole Paulus, Nico New Media

Image Credit: thefuturistics - Flickr



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