The music of The Muckrakers is about as different from music2work2 as it can possibly be. The Muckrakers are one of our MySpace friends. They are a band of 5 members from Louisville, Kentucky who compose and play Rock/Acoustic/Pop music. Their music is melodic; their voices combine harmoniously. In a word, their music is "fun." It's almost impossible to listen to it and not move to the music.

All four songs on their MySpace page are enjoyable to listen to. I particularly like Through My Door but liked the others also.

music2work2 sessions are music to have playing when you are involved in a task or concentrating, as background that doesn't distract you from what you are doing but makes it more pleasant. The music of The Muckrakers is music "to" distract you, to make you feel good, to move and to dance.