The Reunion is an instrumental acoustic band out of Las Vegas. They began in 1991 as a blues band but changed courses and in 1996 released The Reunion, their first instrumental all-acoustic recording. The group has grown from the original 2 musicians to a variety of guitarist and percussionists. They have enjoyed success over the years with several albums and are currently working on a new album, Consequences, to be released, I believe, this summer.

I really like their music. Three of the sample pieces on their MySpace page are from Consequences. All the songs have a nice feel - lovely, melodic, some with a Spanish sound. It would be hard to choose which of the four songs available to listen to is my favorite. "Last Flight Home," one of their earlier pieces is very pleasant listening; I also very much enjoy the beautiful newer piece "Waiting."

I recommend checking out the music of The Reunion. I'll be looking forward to hearing more from The Reunion soon.