The whole point of this project is that having music on in the background helps you focus on what it is you're doing...except that is - if what you're doing is editing music - and then of course its really completely and utterly NOT music2work2. Right now I'm editing a video of the development of the song "One More Time" - and I'd love to have some music2work2 playing - it would calm me - focus me and allow me to concentrate on the task in hand - instead - here I am writing on music2work2 - ah well - ... After this round of video editing on - I'm going to start development of a piece called "Easy On my Heart" - it's a piece that Kelli and I are developing and I love the groove - has a very Celtic feel to it and I can't wait to produce it - of course - whenever I write words like that the universe laughs at me and makes it practically impossible to produce the music - I hope that it doesn't do that this time around.

We're looking to work with an LA outfit called The Oubliette - you can find out more about them at The Oubliette MySpace page - I'm listening to The Slope right now and I'm digging the tech, the groove the Industrial sounds - etc - its cool.  I worked with Phadestar and Jeddrah when we held a session on Music and Pain with the Marfan kids at their conference in LA a few years back.  They are both very cool people and it shows in their music - I think. If you like your ambient music a little tougher with more of a distinctive beat than the typical music2work2 fare - then check them out.