Listening to The Lost Patrol, a MySpace friend of Music2Work2, you hear traces of country/western, electronica, pop, and many other genres. It would be difficult for me to put the music of this group in a specific category. They are classified as Surf/Shoegaze/Lounge on their MySpace page.

Regardless of how you classify their music, there is no question that it is good. The vocals are sung in a clear, pretty, female voice. The music is melodic - often with an ethereal, haunting sound. The melodies have a beat that makes it hard to not tap a foot or move to the music.

There are six sample songs on The Lost Patrol's MySpace page. All but one of them, "Deep Stage," are vocals. Of the six, "Run Wild" and "Velveteen" are my favorites.

This quartet, from Piermont, NY, already has quite a few CDs to its credit and plans to release a new one in the fall of 2008. I recommend checking them out - - their music is unusual, quite enjoyable and fun.