In music2work2’s The Duel, the piano and strings almost seem to be in a competition themselves. The rhythm of the strings is much faster than the slower tempo of the piano. The competition is not mean or one of anger, it seems that in this piece, each voice is more “doing its own thing” although occurring at the same time, in a harmonious way.

It makes me think of the conflict that goes on in human beings between good and evil, or doing what is the right thing as opposed to doing the easy thing. I think this is a common struggle, seen in practically all areas of ones life. It may be easier to give up when times get rough but commitment and integrity or courage keeps you fighting. It may be easier to do a job half-way but honor and pride push you to doing your best and giving your all. Listening to The Duel, the prominence of the piano at the end  and ending on the high notes, indicates to me that the good or right is victorious in the struggle. Hopefully that is the result in most cases.