The title "The Duel" might lead one to think of a battle, with booming sounds, harsh melody and solemn mood.But, in this case, that is not what the title represents at all.

This is a piano driven session with two additional voices, strings and organ.The tempo varies through the piece, along with changes in the dominant voice.The mood varies from slightly serious to upbeat and hopeful.

The image that comes to my mind when listening to this session, is not one of a struggle with changes and differences, but merely the co-existence of different feelings, attitudes, etc.Life is a mixture of joy and sadness, good health and sickness, darkness and light, times of difficulty and times of ease, times of prosperity and times of need.But, entwined with it all, is hopefulness.

Below is a short clip from The Duel.Listening to this session, an entirely different image may be evoked in you.That is one of the marvelous things about music – it can be listened to in different ways, different settings, intently or in the background.The images, feelings, memories that music evokes is different in each person.

Check out the Music2Work2 website for the composer’s thoughts on The Duel and additional information as to how you can experience the complete session.