Music2Work2's MySpace friend, The Deep C, is apparently a band of one member, Michael Dees, although it sounds like an orchestra of many. The music of The Deep C is classified as Classical/Ambient/Other. Unfortunately, there is no other information available about this artist other than that he is from Germany.

There are six sample songs available to hear on The Deep C's MySpace page. They are all beautiful instrumental music. Most of the songs sound to me like they could be musical scores from movies. They have the drama and intenseness that come to mind when thinking about the music from movies.

My favorite of the six songs are "Blue Tunes" and "Abigail's Letter."

I would like to know more about the artist and how he produces his music. The variety of instruments that seem to be involved in the music definitely do not sound like the work of only one person. But, it is lovely music and very well done.