In NC, the dogwood trees, azaleas and all the spring flowers are in full bloom. We have had unusually warm temperatures for the past few weeks so it seems almost overnight the outdoors are ablaze with color. Of course with the beautiful blossoms comes the pollen which brings the headaches, watery eyes, runny noses.............ah, the allergies of spring!

But, as often happens, Mother Nature has decided to now give us the "winter" we haven't had. With the temperatures falling into the 20's at night, most likely the tender new growth and blooms won't be beautiful for long. Easter morning is expected to be one of the coldest so far and it is all likely to freeze.

I suppose the message in all this is - - even through watery eyes, take in the beauty of nature around you whenever it happens, for however briefly it may appear. It would be a shame to let such glory pass unnoticed or unappreciated.