I can't believe the week has ended and still there are no tracks available on our Snocap MyStore. Still have not had a response to my question about the problem from Snocap customer support. It is very frustrating to me; luckily Andrew is a more patient human being than I am, so he has helped convince me to give them a while longer. I was about ready to remove the whole thing and start from scratch - - of course, there is no assurance that all this won't happen again. This weekend will hold a big event for my family - my niece is getting married. I can't believe it! There just seems no way that she should be old enough to be getting married. Of course, it means that I am much older also, which isn't a pleasant thought. I have spent so much time with her - playing with her when she was little, watching her after school until her parents got home, picking her up from school, taking her to after-school activities - - it almost seems that she is my own child. I will always treasure the time I got to spend with her; when my nephew was growing up I lived in a different state. I know the wedding will be beautiful and she will be happy. That won't mean that I'll be able to hold back the tears; I cry at the smallest things and this is a major event.

There will be out-of-town guests staying in my home, so if I don't get to write a blog every day next week, that is the reason why. But, I'll try my best to be able to post one.