I'm a big fan of Daniel Rosenfeld's soundtrack for Minecraft - there's something about the simplicity that just works when you're in game.  Having said that - one of my favorite things to do is to watch someone playing Minecraft and improvise a theme based on what they do in the game.

We have a couple of tracks on music2work2: Build and Create that were made in this way.  To develop this a little further we thought we'd come up with a new sound track for one of the more popular Minecraft YouTube videos - Stampy's Lovely World.

The purpose of this is not to replace or improve on the existing soundtrack - it's just to offer an alternative.  I think there's something about having the music derived from the actual game play that delivers something unique and interesting.

This track has already been developed with Strings and we will be publishing those later on this month.

Of course, you don't need to play Minecraft to work to this music - if you're a fan of solo piano and thematic development - this should work for you regardless of what you're doing with your mind!

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