One of music2work2's MySpace friends is SINAJ (Igor Stankovic) from Skopje, Republic of Macedonia. There is little information about him except his training, which was extensive. I don't know what musical instrument he plays. I do know that his music is beautiful. It is instrumental music, with an almost ethereal feel. Three of the four samples available to hear on his MySpace page are slow/moderately slow tempo, melodic pieces. "178" is different from the other three in that it is faster tempo and has a less somber tone. There is such emotion and feeling associated with each piece.

My favorite of the four pieces is "Posledno Blagodaram." It is a very slow, mystical feeling piece, very solemn in tone but very beautiful. It brings to my mind an image of oppression and struggle but the bell tone at the end of the piece seems to ring of hope.

This is one of our MySpace friends whose music I would like to hear more of. I recommend checking it out.