I suppose there is no such thing as truth in advertising anymore - at least for some companies. I went through hell a few months ago changing to Earthlink's TruVoice system. No one I talked to knew what they were talking about; I was passed from one technical support person to another and told something different by each person I spoke to. They had lied about the cost of the services I was supposed to be receiving - - left out the part about the Internet access, that was supposedly included, being extra. The reception was horrible; everyone I have talked to since having this service has complained about noise on the line, inability to hear what I'm saying, etc. Finally, I had had enough and have arranged to change phone and Internet service. When I called to cancel Earthlink, they had the nerve to tell me there would be a $100 plus charge for the disconnection fee! They claimed I signed a contract for one year, which it has not been; no one even mentioned a one year time period - I would have thought they were talking about how long it was going to take to get it set up and working, if they had! I haven't signed anything for them and I'm not about to pay a disconnection fee. How do companies get by with such things??

I have talked about my phone and Internet access problems before but don't believe I have indicated the company to which I was referring. Well, I am now...................Earthlink and Earthlink TruVoice service. Take the advice of one with experience - a horrible experience - you don't want to sign up with them!! Two cans and a string would work about as well as their phone service!