music2work2's  MySpace friends are an interesting mixture of individuals, some artists, some not. Among the artists are musicians who play music from all genres and musical instruments of all types. Seth Bedford Music/Seth Bedford is a violist, composer, singer/songwriter, and arranger. He has his own band, Huxley Vertical, and has performed with other artists and bands. He lives in New York City.

His music is classified as Other/Classical/Jazz. The four selections available to hear on his MySpace page are an interesting assortment. I particularly like Anticipacion, which looks like it may be by The Elastic Wasteband, one of the bands with which he performed. It is a lively, feel good kind of piece. The other piece I especially like is Two Girls Mall Scene, a fast tempo, piano and strings piece; I just wish there was more of it - the 49 seconds available leaves you wanting to hear more.