Our MySpace friend, Rob Costlow, composes and performs piano music in the Healing & Easy Listening/Ambient/Down-Tempo genre. Rob is located in the United States. He founded his own record label, Tourist Records, in 2004. I enjoy listening to all four samples of Rob Costlow's music available on his MySpace page; the music is relaxing and beautiful. His piece, Not Alone, makes me think of music2work2's Emma's Numbers from two aspects - the music and also its title. Not Alone and Emma's Numbers are both piano solos that create a similar mood - one of calm and peacefulness. The title, Not Alone, also makes me think of Emma's Numbers in that it was composed for one of Andrew's friends who was dealing with a difficult time in her life. I can't think of any better way to convey to a friend that they are "not alone" during a stressful, difficult time than to compose a beautiful, soothing music session especially for them.

I don't know what the motivation was for Rob Costlow's compositions, but his music is very pleasant and enjoyable listening. Check out all four pieces by Rob Costlow on his MySpace page.