There is a fantastic new session on entitled Richard. It is unlike any of the other sessions in the way it was composed and in the sound. The rhythm in general is upbeat with a brief, dramatic change in sound and tempo about half way through the piece. This session is a mix of piano and four string voices.

Richard was written as a birthday gift for the composer’s brother by that name. I hear the beautiful harmony produced by the piano and strings as representative of the harmony that is typical of most relationships between brothers, family members, or friends. As is almost always the case, however, relationships whether between family members or friends, do not consist of harmony all the time. Conflicts, disagreements, misunderstandings, unrealized expectations often become an element in relationships, but hopefully for only a brief period of time. To me, this seems to be what the dramatic change in sound near the middle of this session represents.

I know both the composer and his brother, although I don’t know Richard as well as I do Andrew. They are talented, brilliant, kind, wonderful human beings. This beautiful session, Richard, is a perfect representation of the beautiful and unique human beings they both are.