The third stage in the writing process - Revision - this is where you take the idea that originated in the pre-writing phase, that was initially expressed in the drafting phase - and you work at it and make it better.

When I'm working on a theme I listen the hell out of it - it really does become my music to work to - or in this case, my music to write to. I'll probably listen to the same track 10 or 15 times over a couple of days just to get familiar with it and feel where it wants to develop.

The core theme is now pretty well established - the tempo at 83 beats per minute feels right and there's plenty of room to play with.

As for the addition of Ximena to the title - well - that's all about inspiration. You never know where it's going to come from or how it will be perceived, but suffice it to say - this piece wouldn't exist in this state if Ximena hadn't been in the ether. Thank you ;-)

Image Credit: Creative Flow by Ian Hayhurst on Flickr

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