...I feel a little bit shaky now, the adrenalin has let me down, the rush wasn't good, it reminded me of what I have to lose. My light is coming on, careful now, still gotta keep it under wraps. Its the analogy of the torch bearer,...... one torch is an easily identifiable target, a group of torches is something to run from! It is a visible threat to the enemy. Unsurprisingly, or surprisingly as it was for me, they are everywhere. And it's the classic "Quantity -vs- Quality"argument! destruction choses poor quality but great quantity, the builders chose quality, but there are fewer of them.

And I also recognise that fear is the tool of the other side. It makes them stronger, they feed on it, it is their food, but it makes us weaker. We cannot afford to fear, for it is a double loss. It is not enough to abdicate responsibility for our path, we do choose it, fundementally!! But abdication is not a cure for fear. To walk in light and be challenged and be afraid weakens us. We cannot say, "this is how it is going to be" and fade!!!!!! When challenged we must state, with surity and without fear, who we are.

If we need to fight then we fight. But we do not take a defensive, aggressive, protective stance. We turn, with strength, with the core of our being, and we fight with the power of love and beauty and creation. We do not beg or plead, we state who and what we are, we do not lie, we are not angry or vindictive, we are honest, to ourselves and to what we believe.

And should we hold to that,........ for even if our opponent is stronger than us, we do not fail. Whatever the outcome, we have won!!!

And we are stronger as a result.

Violence by it's very nature is destructive. Violence causes damage, both physically to matter, and mentally to the soul! Why would we as creators, builders, by our very own actions, further the cause of what we reject???

When we fight to defend ourselves, we are in effect destroying ourselves. I cannot see any moral, ethical, philosophical justification for violence. We are in this for the long term. We must, whenever we have the opportunity, Lead by example. For there is no doubt that we are Leaders. Not through any competition or ego driven position, but we lead the way because we can and because to do so is right!

Every time a light uses violence to achieve it's aim, it is vasile!!! It promotes and promulgates the idea of destruction. Every time a light is stuck down, and everbody who sees it extinguished mourns it's loss, and as the darkness spreads, the world recognises, at last, that light gives life!!!! And light can only be created where there is Love, and yet, Love cannot be born through destruction. In order to create the light that the world needs, we have to learn to love.

When we understand that violence does not create light, or even begin to create the environment for it, then we will start to love. .......And from that love there will grow a light so bright that it will illuminate the world, and beyond.

I am a light We are Lights We are a start Join Us