Up to this point the music has pretty much followed the rules of writing – you’ve seen the theme originate and be developed – but traditionally at this point – I would be polishing and tweaking the previous piece – and that’s not what I want to do.

I have no intention of following the rules of writing.

Seriously – I suspect most of the rules are just common sense anyway – I mean really – you need 5 rules to help you write? Here’s one rule for you:

1/ Write


I’ll add a second:


2/ Read

There – that should just about do it.

I truly believe that someone who writes and reads their work five times over will produce a much better result than someone who writes once, learns a lesson and then applies it once and moves on.

I believe in my balls, that when it comes to the creative arts, there is no substitute for doing it.

Sure -- you should read and be aware of the canon, there is much to learn -- but when it comes to your own original work -- that can only come from you -- and how else are you going to learn your work unless you do it?

So -- you can of course use the 5 rules of the process to produce a piece of writing fit for the world and who knows -- maybe it is or maybe you just polished a turd.

This is the Music to Write to playlist and I am interested in serious writers -if you’re a writer and you want help writing – welcome – I wrote this for you.

Forget everything else…


put this on…



…and write.


You’re a fucking writer!

Image Credit: Creative Flow by Ian Hayhurst on Flickr

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