Paul, one of the newer sessions on, I find to be unique from most of the other musical pieces – there is a dramatic change in tempo and style in the latter parts of the piece, and the composer has said that there is space left in the session where he plans to add another voice. The slow, melodic beginning of this session seems to me to be questioning; it evokes an image of searching for an answer, a meaning. I think times of intense emotions often lead to questioning, and perhaps I hear this in the piece because of the very emotional time I have been going through lately.

The second half of the session has a different rhythm and feel to it. This part seems to be suggestive of the answer or understanding that was being searched for in the preceding parts. It is upbeat, indicating the joy of understanding or the revelation that has come...... or maybe that the answer is a positive one. It leaves me with the feeling that whatever is being questioned turns out ok.

I am anxious to hear the additions to this session that will be made. I wonder if the addition will change the way I am hearing this piece. Perhaps by that time, I will be in a different place emotionally, and will find out exactly how much of a part my own feelings have played in the way I hear it and the images it evokes.