So it's been a few months since we posted on the music2work2 website - and I'm sitting with Charlotte and we thought we'd better update the world with what's been going on.

We gave birth to Musicto

Musicto is our new record label and we've spent the last few months setting it up, getting the branding done, creating the DBA and bank accounts, doing the research, establishing the business model, creating contracts etc.  It has been one hell of a learning curve and we're not quite there yet.  Suffice it to say once all the setup has been done, we can get back to a more regular activity level.

Music To Grieve To

This turned out to be an insane labor of love - and I guess loss.  The music changed over time, the strategy changed over time - and half way through we took a complete sideways tangent to accommodate the project within the new label model.  We're super happy with the finished tracks and we're now waiting to get them back from mastering.  And yes - the waiting is hard!

What's Next

It should be pretty straightforward - the rollout of the album.  We'll write liner notes for each track that will be available here on music2work2 - in fact we might even get one going today!  We will then be releasing a track a week out to the mailing list - forever members will of course be able to download everything from the members area.  Finally as soon as the tracks are live in the digital stores we will conduct an outreach program on musicto that should drive traffic and listening.

Once Music to Grieve to is on it's way - we are turning our attention to a new album but this time we'll be publishing different artists - so - should be good.

For now - we have started live streaming on Facebook and back on YouTube - and of course we're pretty active over on Twitter.  This was something new from this morning's Facebook session:

Any questions - send them our way - if you're not on the mailing list - sign up below.