There is a brand new music session available on music2work2. com. Emma was composed just last week. I find it a little different from some of the other sessions; it is a very interesting piece. It is solely piano and contains a mixture of mood and tempo. The image or thought that comes to mind when I listen to Emma is of "life." A single note, that is prominent at times throughout the session, reminds me of a clock or time ticking along. Like life, there are parts of the session that are somber and dramatic; there are parts that are light and cheerful - even "jazzy." The sound of the piano is sometimes simple, and sometimes complicated. It reminds me of the changes, the ups and downs, the joys and sorrows of life.

Go to the music2work2 web site to "Free Music" and listen to this new session for yourself. You will need to register first but it's easy and and it's free.