I suspect like many, my phone is now my alarm clock. Aside from the rather worrying habit of checking my email 30 seconds after I open my eyes - this does give me the facility to choose what sound I wake up to.

I spent a month with Radiohead's "No surprises" - which made me chuckle as I woke and those opening tones are a nice gentle way to come into the world, but recently I've been playing with different music2work2 themes.

I've been "living" with this for the last week and it seems to be doing the job very nicely - I'm up early with a bounce in my step after a nice calming start to the day:

[audio:ebm127.mp3| titles= Ebm - 127 bpm Development|artists=music2work2 ] Download MP3

Image: PhotonQ-Waking up under a shower of light By PhOtOnQuAnTiQuE - Flickr