Another musician who's music we are currently listening to is composer/pianist Craig Urquhart. Craig not only produces beautiful instrumental piano pieces, but he's also a believer that music is helpful to human beings, which is one of the premises on which music2work2 is built.

According to Craig each composition reflects the healing power of music and nature as well as the emotional journeys of life. His songs are relaxing, soothing, solo piano pieces - have a listen to my current favorite "Venetian Snowfall:" click the player below and you'll be taken to the track page on

Listen to Craig Urqhart's Venetian Snowfall on

Listening to this piece, I can envision snowflakes swirling around, some big, some small. As the snow covers trees, grass, roads, rooftops, everything is transformed into a beautiful, pure, glistening, snow-covered picture. Although snow has always been a problem for me – difficulty getting around in the snow – I think it is nature at it's most glorious.

You can visit Craig's website at, where he sells his 9 CDs through CDBaby. Apparently he has a new CD coming out to be released in late February.

Craig Urquhart has a history filled with recognitions and successes - I hope you like his music as much as we do.