I’ve been listening to a lot of music2work2 this week. Now that I feel better and am trying to get caught up on some of the work I got so far behind with while I was sick, I have had music2work2 playing in the background any time I’m at the computer.

I suppose I am a little biased – after all, I wouldn’t be involved with music2work2 if I didn’t like the music and believe in the project. But, even though I listen to the sessions over and over again, I don’t tire of them and I continue to marvel at just how beautiful the music is.

The sessions composed originally are wonderful; but, I think the ones Andrew has composed in the past year are even more wonderful - absolutely fantastic! The sessions containing more voices – strings, organ, etc. have such fullness and depth to them. I am anxious to get busy letting everyone know about music2work2. That will come when we get some changes and improvements made to the web site. We are constantly getting more people registering on the site anyway; that’s terrific and I’m so glad they are finding us. But, I’m ready to let the entire world know about music2work2 and share this marvelous music with them.