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Last weekend my boyfriend and I went on a mini-road trip to our old stomping grounds, Echo Park, Los Angeles--a little neighborhood wedged in between DTLA and uber hip(ster) Silverlake. Since moving to Phoenix 6 months ago, we have been itching to get back to the city of angels to visit our handful of good friends as well as escape from the desert's oppressive heat.

One of those good friends kindly let us crash on his large, surprisingly comfortable, sectional sofa both of the nights we were there.  The first night, I didn't have any trouble falling asleep whatsoever. Whether it was the Double IPAs I had from Sunset Beer, the 6 hour drive, or the much cooler temperature, I drifted easily into slumber. At 8:00a, however, I was jolted awake by the sound of someone's bass blaring from their vehicle down below and a pack of angry-sounding dogs yipping at each other from across their respective turfs.  

Needless to say, as much as I despise the heat and the fact that everything in Phoenix is a dull beige color, I have grown rather accustomed to my serene neighborhood. Unable to fall back asleep, I grabbed my phone and hastily opened my Spotify app hoping to find a station that would drown out the "big city" noises. After finding a "Sleep" radio station, I slipped in my ear buds and felt my breathing begin to soften as I got reacquainted with my old chum, Sleep.  

For me, sleep is much more than just something I do when I'm bored, lonely, or tired. It's a rite of passage that only comes after following a very particular, very annoying routine. I need the conditions of my slumber to be just right or I'll lie awake pondering insomnia and the mere absurdity of it. Give me white noise (any fan will do but a box fan is preferred), an eye mask, two pillows, a light blanket, and a pair of socks. I know what you are thinking, she must be a real peach to share a bed with. The truth is, you're right! My sleeping habits have been a point of much contention throughout my relationships.

The fact that I found this radio station has given me a new lease on life. If you also experience insomnia when away from your routine--consider creating a sleeping playlist before your trip (or just download the Spotify app and find the Sleep station like I did.) The song below should help you get started on your "Songs to Saw Logs to" playlist. Sweet dreams!

Nicole Paulus, Nico New Media

Photo credit: Jeff Hill via Flickr


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