Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

OK – so that’s it for music2work2 2012 – it has been a crazy ass year – more ups and downs than a porn star’s bottom (apparently – or so I’m told!)

Now that we’ve made it to the end we can forget about the bad stuff and focus on the good:

We are hatching cunning plans for 2013 which include:

  • The production of way more music
  • Music in two different movies
  • Develop of the Minecraft playlist
  • More work with Producer Mike Lesniak
  • Dancing girls!

Ok, so maybe not the last one, but I’m always hopeful.

I’m off to Scotland for Christmas and the New Year with a side trip to Paris in-between; this is purely for creative inspiration (at least that’s what I’m telling the IRS!) Charlotte is ensconced in North Carolina, scouring the internet for more information on how music affects you – the human being!

We wish everybody a happy holiday season – if we survive the Mayans and the new year we’ll see back here in January.

With lots of love to you and yours,

Andrew & Charlotte