I have listened to Malcolm Middleton's "Red Travellin' Socks" 10 times since finding it on One Track Mind yesterday (the track is streaming now and you can download it too!) I can fall in love with all kinds of tracks but there is something about Summer and high energy, up tempo tracks that just changes my attitude and puts me in a great mood.

Malcolm Middleton

I checked out Malcolm's site last night - a former member of Arab Strap - his new album Waxing Gibbous was released on June 1; he's an interesting character and he's Scottish too- what's not to like!?

I've got a number of posts up my sleeve about the process of finding new music - more on that another time -but I do recommend One Track Mind. Not quite sure how I came across them - probably twitter - but their approach appeals to how I see music discovery going forward. I like how they've set up their site and the review process is super easy - good execution all round.

---------------- Now playing: Malcolm Middleton - Red Travellin' Socks via One Track Mind