Maestro Alex Gregory is a composer, multi-instrumentalist performer, and inventor. Gregory was given the title of "Maestro" by H.M. Queen Elizabeth II Government in 1983, following his graduation from the University of Milan as a Classical Composer. Finding himself drawn to electric guitars and Rock and Roll music rather than the music of his studies, he invented the 7 STRING STRATOCASTER guitar, which led to a deal with Fender Musical Instruments in 1987. He went on further to invent the "Heavy Metal Mandolin" and the "Piano Guitar." Maestro Alex Gregory spent 5 more years, under the endorsement of Gibson Guitars, creating the instruments and the concept of the "XXI CENTURY ELECTRIC ORCHESTRA," followed by his invention of the PENTASYSTEM and new methodology, a radically new family of 5 string instruments all tuned in fifths. In 2004 Gregory sold all the PENTASYSTEM technology to PEN 5 Guitars, LLC.

Althought he had played and recorded during those years, once free of the distraction of "inventing" he undertook the task of orchestrating and recording what some termed "the impossible dream," "Bach on Steroids!" All four of the songs available to hear on his MySpace page are from this album. "Bach on Steroids!" is the recording of 15 of the most popular Bach pieces performed by some of the world's most respected musicians.

The sound is interesting; Gregory's skill and that of the other musicians greatly apparent. I really enjoyed listening to all four of the pieces. However, my favorite is "Double Vivace BWV 1."

This is one of music2work2's MySpace friends that I think you will certainly want to check out.